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Swedish Carving Axe

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14" Hickory Handle
4.3" Face
2 lbs Head Weight
2.5 lbs Total Weight
Double Bevel
Bevel on Left
Bevel on Right

The Swedish Carving axe is a chop axe designed for hewing bowls and other wooden objects, artistic wood carving and architectural work. The characteristic curved shape of the cutting edge, carried well above the head's eye, the position of the edge in proportion to the handle, the rather thick bit and the big angle of the wide beveled face makes this axe an impressive carving tool. Axe pattern developed by Wille Sundqvist, master craftsman and author of "Swedish Carving Techniques" in cooperation with craftsman adviser Onni Linnanheimo. Includes a grain leather sheath and Axe Book.
he Large Carving Axe, Grinded left side, has a short bevel face on the right side of the edge, if the axe is held in the right hand with the handle down and head up. The left side of the edge has a longer, slightly concave bevel face, which provides excellent support when carving.

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